Solaris Eclipse is the new typeface crafted with love by Ivi Topp. The font is inspired by the visionary Andrei Tarkovsky. Solaris Eclipse has a rounded easy-going vibe, yet powerful to be used as a title font that catches attention. You can download the font for free under Personal Licence | Personal Use ONLY. If you want to use Solaris Eclipse for commercial use, you can acquire a license below.


Solaris Eclipse is a beautiful geometric sans-serif, designed by the typophile Ivi Topp

Based around the geometry of a circle, the simple shapes create a modern aesthetic that evoke the near-future. Perfect for sci-fi, electronic music, or company branding, the typeface is clean, while being packed with character. The distinct descenders on the lowercase ‘g’ and ‘y’ extend into the glyphs’ counters creating an underlying feeling of motion and energy. Ideal as a display face, Solaris Eclipse offers designers an original geometric sans that brings with it a distinct tone of voice.

The font comes with dozens of analphabetics, making it suitable for most European languages. It comes in both regular, and bold weights. And it’s free for personal use. 
— Webdesigners Depot