Iso Liquid

What is Iso Liquid

Iso Liquid is my love declaration to all liquids. On my instagram page the description says: One body of water a day keeps the bad weather away. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water. This project started on 26/10/2016.


From Iso Liquid day 50

1. The concept

Coming from an Art education background I have always been fascinated with things like random chance. How life, the univers and everything in it is governed by this endless factor of beauty and positive indifference. Soon enough i was drawn to liquids -the proprieties, trans-formability, the different states and so on. Life originated near a deep sea hydrothermal vent and our common ancestor of all life, was an aquatic microorganism living in it. Most lifeforms depend on water to survive. How can one not be fascinated by liquids? 

2. The process

The idea was to follow an aesthetic protocol that will allow me to explore endless design possibilities while remaining in a fixed frame.

The goals :

  • Learn and become better at illustrating ideas and concepts as fast as possible.
  • Use a platform to build a community to share my ideas and get feedback in return.
  • Become proficient in 3D design. 

The ingredients :

  • Liquids !
  • Isometric 3D
  • One design per day
  • Minimalistic design rules

I decided to use Blender 3D since its free, and it is a very powerful and capable suite of 3D tools. The platform I choose to share my work, is instagram. Image based, great community and ease of use.  

From Iso Liquid day 49

From Iso Liquid day 124

3. Conclusion and the future

As I write this manifesto, I'm on day 124 of my Iso Liquid project. I have passed through different phases. I started off by doing logic things that come to mind when you think about liquids- lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Then i moved into a more conceptual waters- ha, pun intended. There was a theme period, each week has its own, like movies week, artists etc. The community of designers and design lovers on instagram has been delightful! I have received plenty of great advice, suggestions and comments. ( Thank you! )

I honestly thought I will run out of ideas soon enough, how many variations of liquids can one depict really, but I was wrong! Some days its tough, when I was sick in bed, when I was totally hangover from a party the night before... But the important thing is that Ideas keep coming, and each day is an exiting experience to work on the project.

The future is shaping to be great. I started to work on a more complexe theme: Iso Liquid : City  Each day I will create a piece of the city and in the end each piece can be arranged in a group and hopefully form a cool little city that runs on water.  

More details on Iso Liquid : City will come gradually, so keep visiting the site if you are interested to see how it turns out. Also you can join my mailing list  and stay up to date with the project and you will be the first to receive some cool nifty discounts for the little store ! 

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.
— Bruce Lee

Iso Liquid : City

Iso Liquid City

Iso Liquid : City Stamps. Each Stamp reflects its real 3D counterpart. (Soon in print !)